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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looking Forward

Several questions have arisen from my timing reading Aristotle and MacIntyre. Here is a list of items for future discussion. I'll edit it as needed.

1) If we believe, as MacIntyre and Aristotle do, that man has an end towards which he should strive, then he has no freedom or self-determination as to what his end is. This strikes at the core of liberalism. Many would define man as the creature who CAN determine his/her own end. This begs the question, what is freedom to MacIntyre? To Aristotle? What separates man from animal if he does not determine his own end?

2) Let us suppose that we can look around and observe excellence, what then is the role of religion? If we can simply observe what we need to do, what does religion give us?

3) Aristotelian virtues v. Christian virtues. How do we evaluate? Why are meekness and humility good?

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